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Three Attention Deficit Sisters and the Mafia©
Carole Marcus and Hope Marcus

Three Attention Deficit Sister and Mafia© is a collaborative narrative non-fiction manuscript my sister and I began, but could not finish together.

We grew up with a schizophrenic mother, and a father who wanted sons but begot three daughters instead. Our story takes place where we lived; a Cocaine Cowboy era Miami with manna packages everywhere. "During the summer of 95' the US government had traced social security numbers from airport boarding passes showing new shipping routes but they couldn't stop the traffic flow. A thriving luxury market amassed glitzy condos, splashy cars, a Coral Gables high-end development CocoPlum dubbed 'Cocaine Plum' by city cops. Considering the importance of a purified air in luring visitors, no one knew how much news remained under wraps. While tourism boomed, drug trafficking exploded. By the end of the year, Miami's banks had stashed 25 billion in extra cash." Carl Hiaasen, The Miami Herald.

And there we were: ardently clueless. Steeped in hilarity and despair, our memoir reveals a slice of life unlike any other.

March 2007

"My sister was pleased with our reading at Books and Books, and continues prodding me forward."