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Illustration is as old as mankind, and is found in all ancient civilizations. In marketing, illustration is often used to project an end result that is still on the drawing board and thus does not yet exist. This type of illustration is referred to as a rendering and is common in real estate and architecture. Product packing, labels, logos, bookcovers and editorial content are also mediums that use illustration to get the message across.

Illustration may be whimsical or realistic, may represent fantasy, or depict a situation in a comic book style. Whatever your needs, we have the stylist to express your thought.

Graphic Design in Prose

Graphic design is both the medium and the message.

It is the visualization that orders our lives.

Design is symmetry and balance and color and more.

Design affects our perceptions from the mundane to the fantastic.

Design separates beauty from the beast.

Design is to the Internet what plasma is to blood.

Now I ask you -- how could we possibly cram all this into a single short verse?