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Someone will finally graduate
Someone will have a cake with candles
Someone will be born
Someone will propose to someone
Someone will fall head over heels
Someone will celebrate the big 50
Someone will move away
Someone will come home

How we work

Now that we've caught your attention, we hope you'll host your accolade with us. The procedure is simple. Select a category, then share your kudos with friends and family. Whether a birthday celebration or an anniversary, we'll post your tribute for all to enjoy.

We provide the whole kit-and-caboodle: design, hosting, editing — the works. Rates vary according to complexity. A single page created and hosted on ExtraLove for 30 days averages $125.00. We do not use templates, so ALL pages or sites are original.

Pages are 600X800 pixels. Once created, your keepsake is yours to own.




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Family Reunion



Good Puppy!

Mother's Day

New Baby

New Job

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Valentine's Day

Anything Else?

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Post your accolades on ExtraLove and keep your pages, too!
Overview of Costs

As in most creative projects, pricing variables exist. To best understand this, check out the source book of the American Graphics Institute (AIGA) and simply titled, The Handbook.

Creating and assembling an internal accolade site on ExtraLove works basically the way setting up a single page does, however the scope of the project determines the cost. Sites may range from $250 for a two page site to several thousand dollars for a larger one. Since a theme must be developed, a site storyboard is required. For an example of a family reunion site, click here.

For our purpose, it is important to remember that ExtraLove Tributes is a celebration site meant for family and friends. And because of this, very little is prepackaged. You cannot plunk something in a shopping cart, click a button and have it appear on your charge card. All orders must be paid in advance with a real check or money order, before work begins.

Overview of Page
Getting you material to us

1. You have two options for photo delivery. You may e-mail your image and message to us. Or, if you are unfamiliar with the scanning process, you may snail mail your photo. Send only copies, as we do not return artwork. If mailing your photo, be sure to Include your text with the photo. Additionally, also e-mail your message separately.

2. One option for copy. ALL copy must be e-mailed. If you are stuck for words, we'll be glad to help out. For an additional fee, original verse can be composed. ALL copy must be e-mailed.

3. Whatever appears on your page or site is your to keep.

4. Payment must be received in full before we begin your accolade.

NOTE: All artwork will be adjusted and optimized for web display. Considering the limitation of bandwidth, we will prepare pages to download in less than 15 seconds at 28k. That means only one photo plus specially prepared ExtraLove graphics will be used per page. Text always downloads quickly.

For an example of how we could optimize download time, refer to the puppy graphic below. That image has been sliced to come in at a faster rate. Slicing speeds up download time for larger image files. However, if you wish to save your image to your computer and are unfamiliar with the graphic software required for reassembly, slicing will render your image unsuitable for later use. Most people prefer to have their images prepared as a single unit so they can use them at a later date.

Getting Started: Contact us

Once you've decided to host a page a page, contact us via e-mail and we'll provide a questionnaire and other pertinent information. This is not an e-commerce site in the strictest sense of the word, thus we are not set up to accept credit cards or other forms of electronic payment.

We are artists and wordsmiths, ready to post to your accolades for all the world to see.

Contact me, Hope, with any questions you may have.

Sample: Optimizing Images

We will create your page with consideration to your celebration, design principles and web realities.

Slicing images affords faster download time, but unless you have — and know how to use a graphic assembly program, a better option would be to have your photos prepared as a single image.

Have questions? Need more info? Just curious? Contact me

From award winning copy to web design, we’ll make a personalized site for all your accolades.
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